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Olsen Portrait Design Studio Policies

The policies listed below are in place to avoid errors and ensure the best possible experience at Olsen Portrait Design. Please read through them carefully. We strive to accommodate all reasonable requests or concerns. Feel free to discuss your needs with us so that we may serve you better.

Studio Hours
We are open Tuesday - Friday from 9am until 5pm throughout most of the year. Saturdays by appointment. Operating hours may be adjusted seasonally as needed. Due to the nature of the business, we may have the studio closed during "operating hours" for on-location portrait sessions. Please do not "drop in" for pick ups, consultations, etc. as we will likely be unable to meet your needs at that time. Please call us to schedule a time that will work best.

Portrait sessions are scheduled based on type, location, and date: all of which will often require early morning or late afternoon/evening appointments. Consultations, Studio Portrait Sessions, Order Appointments, and Order Deliveries are scheduled during normal operating hours. If you are unable to schedule during these hours, we may be able to accommodate, just ask. Fridays and Saturdays do tend to fill up first. Contact us as soon as possible if these days are pertinent. Fall and Holiday times are peak season and sessions are limited. Be sure to call as much in advance as possible to reserve your session if you plan to have portraits done at this time. It is not uncommon to book months in advance for these times of the year.

Session Fee
Your non-refundable session fee is due upon booking your appointment. Session fees vary depending on the type of session and number of people involved. The session fee will hold the time and date allotted for your portrait session and order appointment. A portion of this fee covers staffing appointments, business necessities, photographer time, assistant time and equipment. We can complete the portait transaction with a credit card, cash or check payment at the consultation or with a credit card payment over the phone.

Arrival Times

Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. Late arrivals to a portrait session will lose a portion of their allotted time which will impact the outcome of the session. If you must cancel/reschedule, please give us at least 48 hour notice so we may schedule other clients. A $50 charge will be deducted from any available credit, or must be paid in full prior to rescheduling if cancelation is the same day as your session. No Show/No Call appointments forfeit their session fee completely. Excessively late arrivals will be considered a No Show Appointment.

The consultation is considered a vital resource for ensuring a beautiful session. At this time we will create a plan for the upcoming session, discuss portraits and products, review any questions, and share new studio information. If you are unable to attend a consultation at the studio due to extenuating circumstances, please let us know so that we may schedule something by phone. We will not be able to photograph the portrait session without a prior consultation. We put a lot of thought and planning into a session, so should you choose to alter the plan that was created at the consultation, please contact the studio at least 24 hours in advance to review possible changes so that we may make adjustments.

Portrait Sessions
On the day of your portrait session, please avoid the following: chipped nail polish, wrinkled clothing, socks that do not match your shoe or pant color, pony tail holders on your wrist, and lipstick on your teeth. These items may distract from the overall portrait and need to be removed which may incur an Enhanced Retouch Fee. Re-shoots are at the discretion of Olsen Portrait Design and are not available for regretful personal choices such as hair, clothing, or temperament.

Weather complications
If your session is scheduled for an outdoor session, weather conditions may become a factor. Should we need to reschedule we will notify you 2 hours prior to your session to do so. If the rain is predicted in the forecast, do not assume the session is cancelled. Sometimes this makes for beautiful shooting conditions with light overcast or great sky details. For early morning sessions, if it is pouring all night, the session is automatically cancelled since our location will be muddy and wet. We will call you later in the day to reschedule.

Order Appointment
Approximately 7-10 days after your Portrait Session you will have an Order Appointment at the Studio to review your images and make purchasing decisions. We will project your images so you may see exact sizing and wall display options. Plan to have all household decision makers in attendance. It is best to make arrangements for children to not attend the order session so that you can concentrate and be confident in the final choices for your order. If you must cancel/reschedule, a $50 charge will be deducted from any available credit or must be paid in full prior to rescheduling. Excessively late arrivals will be considered a cancelled appointment.

Pricing of, and availability of portraits styles and products are subject to change without notice due to fluctuations with our vendors. Greeting Cards are only available as an add-on to portrait orders of $500 or more. Images for cards must be from previously ordered images regardless of season.

Payments of Orders

Once final payment has been made for an order, the images will go into production where they will be retouched, enhanced, and sent to the appropriate labs for final processing. Payment must be made in full before your order goes into production. Payment plans are available for qualified orders. Payment plans require signature for all scheduled payments and cannot be canceled once scheduled. All discounts and promotional rates are void 30-days following your Portrait Session date. Returned checks will be charged $35, and all orders immediately cancelled unless the full balance is repaid with cash, credit card, or money order within 3 days. Orders placed with an initial payment on a payment plan that are not completed within the scheduled time will be archived. Archived images will then be available for a $75 Archive Fee to continue the order process. Any promotions or discounts applied if archived will be void and the new balance will be due to complete order. Orders placed and paid in full cannot be adjusted once in production.


Basic retouching and enhancement is included on all ordered images. Extensive retouching may require an additional charge, at which time a custom quote will be provided. A Proofing Appointment will be scheduled at the studio for final approval on all enhanced retouching. Once final approval has been given, no cancellations or changes may be made. Custom Designs: Certain products, such as Albums and Greeting Cards, involve the use of a pre-designed template. If you would like to make changes to this template, a custom design fee may be applied. Custom designs start at $75 and will be charged based on the amount of time involved. An appointment will be scheduled at the studio for Final Approval on all custom designs. After Final Approval has been given, no cancellations or changes may be made.

Order Delivery
Final orders will be available for delivery 3-4 weeks after final payment is received. Certain portrait styles and products may take up to 6 weeks. A Rush Fee is available for items needed earlier than the average delivery time. Peak seasons may take longer than normal for order completion. We will contact you by phone to set up an appointment to pick up your order. Due to the nature of the business, we may be out on location or in a session where we are unable to accommodate drop-ins for pickups. After making multiple calls for order delivery and not having any response, we will not be able to continue providing space to store an order.
Therefore, 60 days after the initial contact for order delivery, orders that have not been picked up will be transferred to a storage facility. Once placed in storage, a $25/week charge will be incurred until order has been picked up. Olsen Portrait Design is released of all responsibility of portrait order after 60 days of first contact to schedule delivery, and any need of replacement will be the responsibility of client along with any necessary archive fees.

Portrait Care

Handle your portraits with extreme care. Damage incurred as a result of improper handling, framing (when framed elsewhere), or hanging is the responsibility of the client.

All unordered images will be archived 30-days following your Portrait Session. Only ordered images from your portrait session will be archived. All other images, NOT ordered from your session, will be removed from active system after 30 days. Olsen Portrait Design takes all reasonable means to ensure the safety of our digital files through a series of backups on multiple data storage options. However, due to the nature of digital files, we cannot guarantee their accessibility following archival.

To order images from archive, please call or come by our studio to place your reorder. Reorders will be at current prices and must be paid in full before the order process begins. Orders will be available for pick up
3-4 weeks after final payment is received. Certain portrait styles and products may take up to 6 weeks. 


Olsen Portrait Design owns the full rights of all images taken during a session. We reserve the right to use the images for display, publication, website, or any other marketing purpose. Should you prefer to not have your images used in this manner, or would like to restrict the use of your name or your child’s name, please submit your preferences to the studio in writing so that we may keep it on file.

Federal Law prohibits unauthorized reproduction of any portrait work and is fineable up to $150,000. You may not scan copy, reprint, post online, remove from website or blog, or enter any image from Olsen Portrait Design into a contest without written permission from the photographer. We reserve the right to refuse service and terminate the photographer/client relationship if the client violates copyright without refund or delivery of order.

All this being said about policies, we would like to assure all of our clients that we will do our very best to make your portrait process a wonderful experience. From the portrait session, to the order session, to delivery, we strive to offer the best customer service possible. If you do have concerns, please bring them to our attention immediately so we may address them. We have a 100%, No Hassle, Money Back Guarantee on all of our products and services.

We know you have a choice of photographers, you certainly can find a cheaper portrait photographer and you can find a more expensive photographer, however, you will not find a better VALUE in photography than portrait services offered by Olsen Portrait Design!