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"The photographs of my son, Nathanael are just beautiful. These pictures showed his joy when he made his First Communion on April 14, 2012. I am so happy that I brought him to take professional photographs which were of true quality. I am very pleased with the portraits and life long memories for my family and friends. Thank you." -- Joyce Lara

"We celebrated our 25th anniversary and had the Olsens do our portrait, one that we have treasured through the years. Now, we are celebrating our 50th anniversary, and there was no other choice than the Olsens to capture the moment. Each and every photograph is a treasured momento. Glen has a very special talent. He captures the spirit of you and somehow can make it translate so that others can share in your special time." -- The Gaytons

"When I told a close friend of mine the amount I spent on my portraits, she thought I was crazy! But I know the Olsen's are worth every penny. My family is the most important thing in the world and the portraits are beautiful and special! My daughter cried when she saw them, she obviously gets that from me...lol! Thank you and God bless your family and business the way you have blessed our family. We will be calling on you in the future for more prints and of course, more sessions. There is no other photographer we'd rather use!" -- Toki Banigo

“Glen and Teri are consummate professionals. Glen makes the shoot fun and has an amazing eye. Teri makes the selection process enjoyable and manageable. The end product is something our family treasures forever. From our wedding through childhood to senior portraits, the Olsens have recorded our family life beautifully!”--Janet & Len Funari

"My experience at Olsen Portrait Design was one I will NEVER forget! Mr and Mrs Olsen were so incredibly kind and welcoming and the facilities were fantastic. I wanted my senior portraits to look amazing and they surpassed my vision. Everyone deserves to feel like a star at least once in their lives and that's what I felt like the entier time I was there! Thanks again!"-- Bonnie Dromgoole

"Mariah's book marks for her First Holy Communion were absolutely perfect for the occasion and celebration. One of her class mates commented immediately 'Wow, where were these pictures taken?' It was very nice to have them in hand to share with friends and family. We are so pleased with the products and experience. Your photography is amazing and perfect to share! A lifetime treasure has been captured for us with these portraits. Thank you again for adding the perfect touch to this engaging spiritual event."-- Dario & Karen Solis

"We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Olsens. They are very honest and helpful in selecting the pictures of my grandson...and Oh, so many lovely poses! We will definitely be back!"--Jeannette Ortiz

"I had the pleasure of teaching Simone through her middle school year. I just received her graduation announcement. I cried when I saw what a great job Glen did. What a special man he is to do this for all individuals! Bless you for what you did for Megan and Melissa and now for Simone!"-- Kim Dahle

"My son Carlo is a man of very few words. After his session he told me, 'The Olsens made me feel so comfortable. They provided a wonderful environment.' He never says anything like that!"-- Nora Sierra

"We wanted to say thank you for a great senior portrait experience for Carolyn. All your settings are beautiful! Most importantly, they each lend a unique, relaxed, natural feel for each portrait, that then brings out one's best features. Thank you again!"-- Nancy Chavana

"I loved my portrait session! I felt very comfortable, all the photos are just me! Glen does a good job of catching you in a natural pose. " -- Kyndell Valdez

"The photos give you a different essence of your child, making it very difficult to choose. These pictures are not simply a portrait, but a memory caught forever on print."-- Elva Rominger

"My family and I came in for our very first potrait session. The Olsen's were not only professional, but friendly as well. We were on location, which itself is a challenge; but, they did everything possible to get genuine smiles and the best poses! Glen's wonderful eye for artistry didn't stop with just taking the photographs. He took the time to retouch and create artistic images from the photographs he took. The viewing process was very beautiful and emotional as well. To see your family up on the big screen with music playing is very special. Teri has a very critical eye which helped us select the very best images. Getting our portraits done with the Olsen's will be a memory that my family and I will cherish forever."-- Jaime, Jennifer & Gabby

"People always ask me where I get the photographs of my twins done. When you walk into our house, we have all the photos since they were six months old. They remember the snakes and the feather Teri used to make them laugh. They ask if they'll get to see them every time they come in to have to a session. You always make the selection process so easy."-- Carolyn & Stephen Hartman

"The photographs are beautiful--too nice to put above the fireplace. I'll have to find a special wall so the wall portrait hangs alone. I'll see you next year for First Communion photographs!"-- Kathy Frei

"The Olsens are extremely personable. They make everyone feel comfortable and are truly sincere people. The experience just felt right--from the beginning! The manner the portraits were displayed made choosing them so easy. Honest comments helped the decision making easy as well. We'll definitely be back--I won't have to search for another photographer and wonder if they'll do a good job. Thanks a million!"-- Colleen Berger

"The quality of our pictures are indescribable. The Olsens capture our girls in poses and pictures that I never thought possible, and, the kids have a great time doing it!"-- Michelle Coleman

"I can't get over how cool the projection system and selection process was! That made it so much easier to visualize your finished product! I love the photos!"-- Simon & Anita Salas

"These are lovely portraits. You guys do a beautiful job. I've counted on you for years. I remember when Jane and Steven, my two eldest, were babies...and then you did their First Holy Communion photos. Now my youngest, Emily is about to graduate from eighth grade! I'll definitley be back for her senior portraits. Your work endures forever; as does your friendship."-- Marge Neiheisel

"Both my girls felt so special during the portrait session. The Olsens played music taylored to them. It is a great memory for Mom! My budget went up once I saw some of the pictures!"-- Kim Dahle

"It's so nice to come here--my boys do so well. Y'all make it so comfortable and the kids are relaxed. When we drive by the kids always shout 'There's the Olsens!' The way the portraits are created makes it special. The backgrounds are so fitting and look great. The selection process is so easy it helps make our decisions. You did our wedding 21 years ago and we have been coming ever since to the people we trust . You are like family. I'd come from anywhere to get portraits done at the Olsens. We LOVE you guys!"--Cathy Zinsmeyer

"The Olsens do such a fantastic job with the picures that selecting becomes the most difficult part of the whole process! It's so hard to decide!"-- Butch & LeeAnn Hulse

"Being military, we've moved around before retiring in San Antonio. When I walked into your studio and saw your portraits, I knew we had found our photographer in San Antonio!"-- Marti West

"My son doesn't usually take well to strangers. I like that he is comfortable here. You guys take awesome pictures. I told my husband we'd be lucky to get two shots out of everything since he was all over the place. We ended up with almost two dozen. I Loved them!"-- Christina Childers

"We are so thankful that we decided to walk into Olsen Photo Studio well over 15 years ago. Since then they have helped us capture countless of precious moments and special occassions. They have always taken care of my family like we were their best friends, and not just a customer. They have accomodated the needs of our friends and family and I appreciate that they value our business and loyalty. After experiences like a fire in our home and illness of a loved one, it was amazing having professionals like Olsen Portrait Design that could provide archived images that we thought were lost. Whatever the case, they just always feel like they are there to help you with your portrait needs, selecting a frame, and delivering on what they promise, and when they promise it. " -- Raymond DeLeon

"The session was very relaxed and I enjoyed it. There was lots of variety and I felt the portraits captured my essence. It was a great experience and I really had fun!"-- Alex Erwin

"You guys have made a world of difference in watching my girls grow up. Your professionalism, your warmth, your creativity . . . you guys have been awesome! And, I even got a friendship out of it. It has been and will be an experience I'll never regret. Thank you, Glen and Teri!" -- Kay Behrens

"Our photo session with the Olsen's went perfectly! They were professional and prepared, which made the session go very smoothly — even for the toddler. The portraits turned out even more perfect than we expected!" -- Phil and Alison Sacks

"Some photographers just take pictures but your portraits come alive. We love our portraits. Thank you!"-- M. L. Lurz

"Glen and Teri are very personable, and always a pleasure to work with. My three year old actually looks forward to his portrait sessions -- what a relief ! I would highly recommend them (and do) to my friends."-- Nicole Stowers

"I would recommend Olsen Portrait Design to everyone! Glen took the time to really get to know us and what we wanted for John Michael's senior portraits. During the viewing, Teri's patience and understanding of our budget really helped in our decisions. Olsen Portrait Design is professional and outstanding in what they do!" -- Mary Ellen Maurtua